• A gamerID allows you to connect, store, manage, access, and share your game collection and personal gaming information in a single, simple, secure online vault.

    It's an Identity

    Your gamerID is also unique online identifier that allows you to use a single email address and password to securely login to any gaming website that displays the gamerID logo.

    It's a Public Profile

    When you create a gamerID, you also create a custom online profile at http://gamerID.com/YOURGAMERID where you can display your avatar, all the games in your collection, wishlists, Xbox LIVE® Gamertag, PlayStation® Network ID, play history, Achievements, Trophies, GXP points, gamerID Medals, and more. You always have total control over what information to share, and what to keep private. It's kinda like a social network, but where your games are your friends.

    It's a Game Library

    You can use your gamerID to organize, manage, and track all the games in your Collection, see all the games you want to buy or rent on your Wish List, and stay up-to-date on other games you want to track on your Watch List. You can access all your game information quickly and securely from any computer or mobile device at any time.

    It's a Passport

    Your gamerID contains information about your gaming style, game collection, achievements, trophies, and other preferences that allow you to customize your experience on any gaming website that displays the gamerID logo, and you can carry that information with you when you login. Use your gamerID to visit a game news site and automatically get news for games on your Watchlist. Or login with your gamerID at your favorite cheat code site and see which achievements you still need to earn for games in your Collection and get tips on how to earn them. Your gamerID unlocks many custom features at lots of your favorite gaming sites.

    It's a Secure Vault

    We use the latest encryption technologies to ensure that your gamerID (and all of the information stored with it) are stored securely. We protect your email address, Gamertag, PSN ID, and other personally identifiable information to keep it away from hackers and spammers, and you always have total control of the information you choose to share publicly.

    It's Free!

    The best thing about gamerID is that it's 100% free, and it always will be. So if you haven't got yours already, sign up now before somebody else gets the gamerID you want!

    sign up now - it's free!

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